Supply chain systems services

Handshake contracts
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Petrochemical industrial, gas storage tank oil storage tank at night, Aerial view oil and gas storage at night.
Industrial automation 4.0
  • Record product movements to the corresponding internal and/or 3rd party contracts
  • Agree on volumes, agree on values - without an elaborate blockchain system.   The "handshake" app streamlines how you monetize your molecules, deal with counterparties, and minimize rebills.
  • Reconcile monthly marine dock, storage facility, pipeline, and exchange inventories to plant/field statements.
  • Handle transmix regrades at refined product terminals efficiently.
  • Reduce the need for corrections to the main ledger system with 'clean' line of business accounting.
  • Support your digitization project with programming skills in machine language coding (Assembler, et al) to 'wire up' your field applications
  • Set up database applications efficiently to reduce spend on expensive cloud services, increase system security, and improve response time.
  • Write system specifications to improve your ability to choose and work with the right service providers.

We are currently looking for companies to collaborate on beta testing for upgraded modules, no license fees required.   For more information, contact us.