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About Us

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Our Approach

NGL Advisor is a division of Midstream Energy Group.  We combine expertise in the business, engineering, and IT sectors to deliver custom solutions to our clients.

Our current project is the NGLEngine(TM), a dynamic supply forecasting tool.

Our Story

The company was originally founded in 1999 during another challenging time for the industry when oil was under $9 a barrel, gas was less than $2, and the world was about to change - again.

Our goal is to support the energy transition by developing and deploying ways to recover and use our hydrocarbon resources responsibly.

We've added value by optimizing logistics costs, finding viable regional markets, acquiring, designing, and developing surface facilities, and building supply chain software that works.   Currently we're working on projects to improve transparency in supply and demand forecasting, expand NGL transportation options, and develop "total stream solutions" for gas at the wellhead.

A significant part of our work has been in the NGL industry.   This "third stream" of hydrocarbon production has often been treated as a by-product by companies whose primary business was transporting natural gas.   Properly managed, these barrels have been a significant source of value for producers, midstream service providers, and end users.    The increased volume of ethane in particular has served as the catalyst for billions of dollars of investment by the petrochemical industry.


Our Team

Provides cross sector services for an integrated approach

Anne B. Keller, CPA

Founder, Managing Director

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